1. Why do you quote 2-3 weeks to receive my jersey? And why can't you give me a set delivery date?

That's two questions, but takes one answer...Because it takes custom time to make your custom jersey.  In other words, a single person is always working on your jersey at any one time, and that means your jersey is getting true individual attention. And although we strive to be the best in all areas, we have not yet mastered adding more hours in a single day.  Be at peace knowing, we are always scrambling behind the scenes to get your jersey in your hands with no time to spare.  We are even cognizant and flexible to try and make certain deadlines and even make certain dates, especially during current events.  We do offer rush service, which is handled on a case by case basis, and pricing is determined at that time. 

2. Why do we have to pay for shipping when other stores offer free shipping?

We aren't "other" stores.  We are a unique custom designed apparel store. We are crazy enough to jump through hoops to bring you this type of business and service.  In order to do that, we can't afford to discount services, because it takes a whole lot to bring the diverse options, creative visions, all while constantly improving quality. If we covered shipping for you, we'd actually be doing a dis-service to you and others since we'd risk being able to bring you those values as we promised.  And we will never sacrifice our promise for anyone.